History of Cornerstone

     Ours is the story of two churches.  In 1993, Pastor Jim Rackham met with a small group of Christians who were excited about starting a new church.  Cornerstone Christian Church was organized and began meeting at Terradyne Country Club in Andover.  The church experienced rapid growth and soon found themselves without classrooms or expansion capacity so the search for a facility began.
     In the north part of Wichita, a small church was struggling.  The church was chartered in 1963 as Town and Country Christian Church with 53 charter members.  In 1965, the congregation acquired 4.5 acres at 5531 East 37th Street North near the then small community of Bel Air.  On that site they constructed the building which still serves the church today.  Over the years, Wichita grew north to meet Bel Air and the area has become a vibrant and diverse business and residential part of the city at large. 

     In 1985, Town and Country made the decision to nearly triple the size of the original building by adding a gymnasium, offices and additional classrooms with an eye to future growth.  As sometimes happens with building programs, the financial support failed to materialize causing the addition to not be completed as planned.  By the early 1990’s the congregation had diminished to about 40 faithful members who continued to do their best to support the church but with the added debt hard decisions needed to be made.  Interim pastors were used and the building was put up for sale with the plan to downsize.

     The new church meeting in Andover expressed an interest in the building.  Led by Pastor Rackham, who retired from Cornerstone in 2020, the two churches met and decided that rather than selling the property, both sides were agreeable to a merger of the congregations.  It became a success story of how two churches became one.  After much prayer, the merged church felt led to join together under the Cornerstone Christian Church name.  A new chapter for the church on 37th Street North began.

     With the church growing, it was time to update and complete the facility.  In 2015, the existing sanctuary was completely remodeled to accommodate up to 150 people with reconfigurable seating.  The large area that had originally been constructed to serve as a gym was finished and converted into a large community room and activity center.  The lower area is fully handicap accessible and has a seating capacity of up to 500.  The church added two kitchens and 6 classrooms.  The repurposed community room is ideal for expanded worship services, dinners, concerts, youth activities, AWANA, and many other events deemed appropriate for the facility.  The room has state-of-the-art sound and stage lighting.  With the pandemic of 2020, capability to add recorded services for posting on websites and social media was added.  Most recently, the church developed the capability for live-streaming of services for those who cannot be in attendance.  Services are now live-streamed every Sunday.

     Cornerstone supports many missionaries locally and around the world through our vibrant Faith Promise program.  This program allows us to bless missions through generous giving that constitutes approximately 15% of our total budget!  Countries in which missions are supported include Ghana, Ethiopia, the Dominican Republic and India.  Domestically we support the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Chaplaincy Endorsement Commission.  In addition, for the past few years we have sent a full team of up to 15 people to provide a VBS program for the Navajo Nation in Arizona.

     Our goal is to grow the church in the 21st century through the lens of the first century example as established in the Book of Acts and bring the Gospel to the people by developing disciples to send them into the world to proclaim the Gospel, love and serve Jesus Christ.

     Cornerstone is a non-denominational, independent and autonomous congregation and has prospered as a faithful light on the north side of Wichita.  Many have been saved, disciples have been taught, missionaries sent and the Gospel has been faithfully proclaimed.  Our future is bright.  Our continued growth has brought multiple services, additional staff and is once again pressing our expanded facilities.  Our focus on Christ and His glory remains our chief pursuit.  We are embracing with faith the path ahead.